TV Show - "Nákupné maniačky"

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Well, well, well! I have signed myself for the TV show where you can buy clothes for 400Eur and compete among other girls for the STYLIST price and another 500Eur.  Below are some pics of my final look and all the things I bought in Voderady mall. Enjoy the ride!

The theme for this week was – KNITTED FABRIC.

Getting ready for the final walk.

Here I come.

I was wearing bf's shirt and had a weekender bag and cup of tea to underline the story behind my outfit and that was a romantic weekend on a cottage with my bf.

I did not convince the girls – but the odds were on my side and I won the special STYLIST price.

Many thanks for all the support goes to my bf Pali and to my friend Adka that spend the shopping day with me and encouraged me to do it my way! Love you both!

If you missed the TV show – I have added the link:
Did you like my outfit?

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  1. Jéé super fotky ! :) Nákupné maniačky si vždy rada pozriem :)